Ordering your bespoke Story

Short Story Lady bespoke illustrated stories are a unique idea in the market. They ARE NOT the same as the “your child’s name” books out there. I create each story to order, based on information you give me about your child, to capture a snapshot of your child’s life in story form. Nobody else will have the same story as you.

Here’s an example of how the process of ordering one of my bespoke stories works:-

Step 1 fill in this form (example below)

“Name the child is generally known by – XXXXX
Which subject would you like the story to cover? – Hi there, our daughter (XXXXX) has a mobile above her cot with 5 animals which she loves. The animals are Juliet Giraffe, Lionel the Lion, Harry the Hippo, Zoe the Zebra & Nelly the Elephant. A short, framed story about how they all one day travelled to see their best friend XXXXX would be fantastic.
Names of people who are special to the child, and their relationship. – Juliet Giraffe, Lionel the Lion, Harry the Hippo, Zoe the Zebra & Nelly the Elephant, travel out to see their best friend XXXXX.”

Step 2I receive the form, reply to the customer to find out their requirements, and to arrange payment. In this case the customer sent me a photo of the mobile I would write about;

animal picture for bespoke story

photo of the animals I would write about in my bespoke story

Step 3I arrange a delivery date, based on customer requirements and the complexity of the story, and take payment, either by paypal, bank transfer, or cheque.

Step 4 When I have enough information about the child, the topic and the detail required, I begin to work my Short Story magic. I weave all the information into a beautifully crafted, unique story which encapsulates the child’s current interests, their personality, and the things that they enjoy, making a tale that will delight them for years to come.

Step 5 Once the story is written, I email a copy of the text to the customer for approval, then add illustrations and colour, frame and deliver it.

To begin the process of getting your own bespoke Short Story Lady story, fill in the contact form, or email story@shortstorylady.co.uk

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