I’ve published three books so far – “The Strangeling’s Tale“,  “Drabble Folk and Fairy Tales” and “Memoirs of a Madcap Cyclist“. I’ve made good progress on “Drabble Diary of a Gardener” and “Drabble Gory Stories”, and am working on a sequel to “The Strangeling’s Tale” called “The Tailor’s Curse”.

Here’s a gallery of my books, ones I wrote and one I formatted.


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Memoirs of a Madcap Cyclist

Drabble Folk and Fairy Tales


I am the official Formatter for the Drabble Diaries project, and in this role I am responsible for formatting all the Drabble books for ebook and paperback publication. Contact me if you would like me to format an ebook or paperback for you.

I have written a few pages of advice in a .pdf file about formatting and uploading ebooks. You can read it here:

Short Story Lady ebook publishing advice


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