Narnia Party

As part of Sale Locality Partnership’s “Make Sale Smile” initiative, I will be holding a Narnia Party to celebrate all things Narnian.

I will update this page as the event preparations unfold, but for now please feel free to share online or print out these flyers to let the people of Greater Manchester know about this event.

All ages are welcome, whether you have read the Chronicles of Narnia many times or are new to the concept. You are welcome (but by no means compelled) to dress up for the party, or to bring food to share based on things from the books.

The event is posted on Facebook, please let me know if you’re coming so I can get an idea of numbers for catering.

I have many exciting activities planned for the event, from decorating Narnian shields to awakening the Talking Trees. You can draw imaginary lands in The Wood Between the Worlds, or make a Lily from the Last Sea. There is a quiz to test your Narnian knowledge, a character trail for the children, and a veritable feast of Narnian goodies to enjoy!

Try your hand at stacking Tumnus’ parcels into a tall tower, or build a snow fort to read inside. Listen to me as I read out passages from the Chronicles of Narnia, choosing my favourite parts from each book.

There’s a newspaper article about the event in the Messenger.

I’ll add photos of the event soon, so you can see how much fun we had even if you couldn’t make it on the day.

Narnia party, 26/09/2015 1-4pm. Coppice Library

Narnia party, 26/09/2015 1-4pm. Coppice Library

Narnia party flyer Black and White

Narnia party, 26/09/2015 1-4pm, Coppice Library

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