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Reviews for “The Strangeling’s Tale”:

“Wow. Beautifully written, the way the separate stories intertwine into one is just magical. Carol has such an affinity with words – the language really is simply beautiful, which is not something I can say I’ve noticed to myself when reading other books but I was so struck by it here I feel I have to mention it. I cannot do her enough justice in this review! Will be eagerly looking out for further books of hers.” – Lauren on Goodreads

Amazon reviews

“What more what you want from a book? I missed my stop reading this on the bus as I got so sucked into the story and wanted to know how it ended. It is a very clever book with twists and turns that interlink. It is very well written and can be enjoyed by children and adults as well. I am looking forward to more books from Carol” – Cathie
“i really enjoyed each chapter of this book, even more so with the tales intertwining. i was trying to put the pieces together as i read, to solve the tale. it left me wanting more- the sign of a good book!!” – Dodo
“A captivating tale, ostensibly for children, but a good read for grown-ups too.
Beautifully well-written, this is a lovely tale with some great characters, which slowly weaves a number of stories together toward a gripping conclusion.” – S. O’Dea
“A beautifully crafted world full of genuine characters, sweeping legend and fantastic magic, The Strangeling’s Tale carefully intertwines and eventually unravels a magical story.” – R. Gilbert
“This has to be our top holiday read this year… my kids and are hooked by the quirky storytelling. But I am enjoying the book as well…so I’d say that it’s not only for kids. I really recommend this book, nice and unusual.” – Universe (Madrid)
“Hauntingly beautiful, like a painting with words. I loved the way the stories work together, each one complete in itself.” – Cathey Hawes
“Loved this book. Fairy stories in the truest sense of the word – some darker twists and no Disney whatsoever. Enjoyed the interweaving of the tales though each of them also stood alone.”

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