The Strangeling’s Tale

The Strangeling's Tale coverIs now availableĀ  as an ebook via Smashwords.

Seven unlikely adventurers meet in this magical tale:
A mysterious tailor, weaver of magical fabrics, though hiding a dark secret.
A King who seeks knowledge, and will go to great lengths to find it.
A seal pup with a haunting melancholy song, who guides fishermen home.
A schoolgirl who undergoes a chilling transformation.
A teacher who finds a remarkable pencil, but bears a terrible burden.
A wild-hearted man, child of the forest, keeper of the story tree.
Last of all, the Strangeling himself, a boy with a harrowing past and pure white eyes that told of his encounter with the malevolent power of the sphere.
The seven converge on the story tree, intent on destroying the power of the sphere. Though their tales are tangled and their fates entwined, they each seek different answers among the papered leaves of the tree. Will they find what they seek, or will they instead find their heart’s desire in the shade of the mystical tree?

You can find it on the Smashwords website: The Strangeling’s Tale

The book is also available on Amazon , Google Books and Kobo

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