Scouting and Guiding

Short Story Lady workshops are ideal for Scouting and Guiding groups, and start at only £25 for a 30-minute basic session.

Please Contact me to discuss your group’s requirements and to book a workshop.

I have an enhanced DBS through Scouting, and can visit your group for 30-60 minutes during meetings and help the children achieve the requirements for various badges. Listed below are the ways in which I can work with children from  all age groups in Scouting and Guiding to get badges, wording is taken from the Scouting and Guiding websites.
Scouting badges
Beavers: Creative Activity badge (30 minutes recommended session length)
Point 1. Perform a short play or puppet show
Point 2. Make a small book with a stitched binding
Point 3. Make a puppet for a puppet show
Point 4. Use your imagination to create a cartoon character and write a short comic strip telling a simple story
Cubs: Artist Activity badge (30-60 minute session)
Design and make a decorated book cover
Make a puppet
Create scenery for a puppet show
Scouts: Writer Activity badge (two sessions of 30 minutes or one of 60 minutes)
Compose a poem of at least eight lines. Discuss its meaning and construction.
Create a short story of around 600 words.
Write a play or dramatic sketch lasting at least 10 minutes.
Write a 600-word review of a favourite book, play, or other work of literature, and talk about it with an appropriate adult.
Guiding badges
Rainbows: Look (30 minutes)
Make a story about a found object, tell it to the group
Rainbows: Learn
Create an adventure story as a group, then draw a story map to help you remember what happened in the story.
Brownies: Writer badge (30-60 minutes)
1. Write a story of your own
2. Write a scene for your favourite TV or radio programme
Guides: Culture badge (at least two sessions of 30-60 minutes)
Local 4. Find stories and legends about a local patron saint or coat of arms. Ask about local people over the years who have contributed to the well-being of the community. Present your findings in an interesting way through a short drama.
Other cultures 4. Use dolls to demonstrate costumes from other countries.
Other cultures 6. Organise an arts activity for your patrol, based on your chosen culture.