Short Story Lady parties offer a unique storytelling experience for your child. I have full DBS (CRB) clearance and £5 Million Public Liability Insurance through SimplyBusiness. I can provide certification on request.

I hold a BA in Early Years Care and Education, and am a member of the Society for Storytellers (SfS). All packages are for up to 30 children, although larger parties can be negotiated by prior arrangement. You can choose from a range of packages to suit your requirements:

Short Story Lady party £200
The 2 hour package is £200 and includes a 30-minute story session, 30-minute craft session, 15 minutes playing with puppets, then a 30-minute “imagination journey” where we all work together to build our own story. I would then type the story up, frame it, and send it to you a week after the party as a memento, with unframed copies for the party guests. A short “wind down” for the children, then they are ready for their party food and cake (supplied by host).

Imagination Journey and Craft package £130
1-hour “Imagination Journey” package comprises a 15-minute craft session and welcome, 30 minutes of “Imagination Journey” where we work together to make our own story, then 15-minutes enacting the story with our puppets. The story will be typed up on parchment paper, beautifully hand-illustrated, and sent to you a week later.

Storytelling Craft package £100
The 1-hour “storytelling” package comprises a 15-minute craft session and welcome, followed by a 30-minute story session, then 15-minutes of play activities with the puppets we made.
You can add a personalised story to the 1-hour package for £35 (usual price £40).

Imagination Journey session £80
30-minute workshop where I work with the children to create a story together. We explore characters and plot, beginnings and endings, the theme is tailored to your child’s interests but the story could end up anywhere their imaginations can take them! The story will be typed up and beautifully framed to keep as a memento.

Basic storytelling session £50
30-minute storytelling session, with traditional fairytales and folk tales from around the world, tailored to suit your child’s interests.

Basic craft session £60
30-minute workshop, creating story props and puppet-making, talking about why props help with storytelling.

Contact me to book any of these parties or storytelling sessions, or if you have any enquiries regarding them.

Here are some examples of parties I’ve done recently:

“P” 2nd birthday party

P had a “teddy bear’s picnic” theme for her party, and given the children were young I made the storytelling especially sensory and interactive, with lots of fabrics, active storytelling and repeated refrains. I told the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and read “Going on a Bear Hunt” with lots of sensory fabric to keep the children’s attention, then sang a few songs that were easy for the children to join in with.

“M” 7th birthday party

M had a party in a big tent in the garden, I brought a selection of craft supplies and let the girls imaginations run riot! they made a range of imaginative crafts, from wands to books, flowers and puppets. Once we’d finished making it was time for some stories. The girls joined in as I read, told and acted stories for them. They especially enjoyed “Red riding hood” as they suggested wolfish tricks and routes it would have sent Red Riding hood on through the forest.

“F” 5th birthday party

F had an “Alice in Wonderland” theme for her party, but the guests had other ideas when it came to making up our Imagination Journey. Our story ended up being about a group of farm animals who got their own back after being stolen, by capturing the thief! I got the children thinking, planned a storyboard, incorporated their ideas and got them to illustrate the story. I typed up and edited the story, adding the children’s scanned illustrations, and delivered the original storyboard, a framed story for F, and enough smaller copies of the story to give to all the guests as “thank you” notes.

“M” 1st birthday party

M had a party at home for her 1st birthday. I had plenty of puppets for the younger guests to hold, and told some simple stories to keep them engaged. The older children loved joining in some fairy tales, I had an excellent volunteer to play “Jack” in the story about the beanstalk. M’s parents bought a copy of my book “Drabble Folk and Fairy Tales” as a memento of the party, which I signed for the birthday girl.

“E” 3rd birthday party

E had an outdoor party for his 3rd birthday. He loves aeroplanes and camper vans so I tailored the stories around those themes. We made paper aeroplanes together, and E especially enjoyed a story I told about him as a pilot, saving the day!

“R” 4th birthday party

I introduced myself to R and the other 20 party guests, and showed them the puppets we were going to make. I helped the children make their puppets, then told interactive stories while the glue dried. The children especially enjoyed “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. The children took their puppets home in party bags.


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