Once upon a time

Once there was a lady, short in stature, but with great imagination. Wherever she went, children would flock to hear stories from her head, and she loved nothing more than to delight them with her tales. One day she decided to leave her ordinary life behind to be a storyteller all the time, and from that day onwards she was known to all as the “Short Story Lady”.

People would read the stories she wrote on Facebook, or if they were having a party, they would  contact her so she could come to tell stories.

Folk flocked to hear her stories live at schools/nurseries, libraries, events, parties and churches, and learned many things from her tales of myth and magic, of folklore and history, stories from the Bible, and stories from her head.

People bought the books she wrote, so they could experience the magic of her stories wherever they went, or asked her to make them an illustrated story of their very own.

The Short Story Lady lived happily ever after, and those that heard her stories told their friends about her so yet more could share the Short Story Lady storytelling experience.

You can contact Short Story Lady if you want to be part of the story too…

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