The Strangeling’s Tale

I have finished my new book, “The Strangeling’s Tale”. Here is the blurb, which summarises the story beautifully:
Seven stories merge to one,
When the seal’s song is done,
Trees will walk and talk and sing,
Sailor, Tailor, Trapper, King,
Daughter meets a father changed,
Strangeling finds himself Unstranged,
Scrivener’s writings cut the gem,
Wild-heart’s tears reveal them,
Blood of the cursed meets blood of the free,
Paper’s revealed by the roots of the tree.
All the seven make the quest,
And, united, pass the test.
Seven stones that mark a grave,
Call the timid and the brave,
Ancient evil bows to good,
In the confines of the wood.
Words and stories hold the key,
Strange the powers that they see,
Strange, the magic that they hold,
When the meek become the bold.
Leaves of pages, leaves of trees,
Mark their mingled destinies.
Some for better, some for worse,
All together break the curse.

The book is now available on Smashwords, Amazon, and Kobo , I’ll update as it appears on other sites.

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