The Tiny Cottage

Long ago, and far away, there lived an old lady. She had a small cottage, but felt cramped.

A wise elder heard her grumbling, and asked if he could help in any way.

“My cottage is too small, what can I do?” She wailed.

The wise elder advised her to bring her pig into the cottage.

The lady was confused, but did as advised. As soon as the pig got into the cottage, it wrought havoc, smashing ornaments, breaking furniture and leaving muddy footprints on the carpet.

The lady complained to the wise elder, who told her to bring in her sheep too. She did this, but it only made matters worse! The sheep and pig fought, and broke even more things.

The lady shouted at the wise elder “Do Something! My cottage is far too small for all these creatures.”
The wise elder advised her one last time, to bring in her goose.

She did so, more confused than ever. The goose flapped and shed feathers all over the cottage, the cottage smelt like a farmyard, the woman called the wise elder in despair “help me, the cottage is far too small for all these creatures!”

“Put them all back out again” he said.

The lady did so, and immediately the cottage felt huge! She thanked the wise elder for all his help,  and lived happily ever after in her enormous cottage.

The End

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