Big Bear is missing!

Once there was a little girl, in a land far away. She had a bear called “big bear”. He was almost as big as she was, although she remembered a time when he was bigger (or she was smaller, she didn’t quite have the hang of that yet).
Big Bear looked after the little girl every night, and kept all the monsters away. He was brave and strong, and the little girl loved him with all her heart.

Big Bear One night, at bedtime, Big Bear was nowhere to be found. The little girl searched all through the house, and put up posters throughout the land asking if anyone had seen him. she got no replies, and eventually went to bed in tears as she missed her Bear.
As she lay in bed, she could hear the monsters outside, so she shut her eyes tight, and hid under the covers. She cried ” Big Bear, come and help me, save me from the monsters” and she heard the door open. It wasn’t her mum or dad, whoever it was, they were quite small. She looked again, and found it was her Big Bear, come to the rescue. He scared the monsters away, then the little girl cuddled him all night. Big Bear stayed with the little girl all night long, and promised not to go away again.
Big Bear and the little girl had many adventures, and lived
The End

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