Back when the world was brand new

Back when the world was brand new, and half of it still had the wrappers on, there lived a frog called Tiddalik. He was greedy, he had always been, there was no other way for him to be.

One day he went to the watering hole. The other creatures greeted him, but Tiddalik just smiled his broad smile, as frogs do, and began to drink. He drank so much that he drank the watering hole dry, then he waddled off to find more water.

He went to the mighty river Nile, and drank it from the delta to the source. He went to the blue oceans and drank those too.

By now, he was the size of a mountain, and still as greedy as he ever was.

The creatures stood in the hot new sun, and they were thirsty, some were dying from thirst.

Now it just so happened that there was a creature who could help. He was called Echidna, and mostly he walked alone, because his back was covered with spikes, and nobody could get too close without being prickled.

The creatures begged Echidna for help, so he crept up behind Tiddalik, turned his back on the enormous creature, and fired his spines. Where the spines landed, they punctured Tiddalik’s leathery skin, and shoots of water came out, filling up the oceans, the rivers and the watering holes. Tiddalik was unhappy, as his stretched skin flapped around him, his wide mouth made an impressive frown, but the creatures told him “never again will you be so greedy, Tiddalik, the water is for all of us to share”

Tiddalik found a home under the sands, and hid there as he was ashamed. To this day, if you look carefully, in just the right places, you can still find Tiddalik hiding under the desert sands, full of all the water he can drink, for though ashamed, he is still greedy!

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